Mandatory age verification to view porn is coming to users in the UK in the next few months. S3X Age Verification will provide free age verification for sites in the S3X_Network, and possibly other sites serving the LGBT community as well. Our goal is to be simple, no-frills, free and secure for members of S3X_Network sites. Members viewing from outside the UK will not need to use an age verification system to access our sites – only those who appear to be coming from an IP located in the UK will need to do age verification.

The process

It's simple – you'll upload two pictures – one of your ID, the other a face pic which shows you holding the ID (and possibly a sheet of paper with something written on it). We'll then review those pics to make sure you didn't upload a picture of your dog or something, and you'll be good to go. At that point your account will be age verified and your login will be allowed. (You won't be allowed to browse our adult sites except when you're logged in).

Is age verification a good thing?

No! We actually hate this law. But we have to comply with it regardless. The law in the UK still allows kids to have access to porn via social media sites like Twitter. All it accomplishes is harassment of the porn industry and repression of sexual expression.

We believe that mandatory content labeling is far better. Basically we'd like to see all websites put metadata into the webpage and/or images that describes the type of content in a factual, culturally-neutral, non-judgemental manner. Browsers would then allow parents to set controls based on their own personal standards of what's acceptable.

How will you keep the data secure?

When we get your data we'll do a few things. We'll crop one of your images so we have a headshot for you, and that image will be stored on our server indefinitely so our admins can verify your pics are legit when you upload face pics. Verified profile pics will be noted as such and in a world of online fakers, that's a good thing – it'll give you more credibility on our sites. We'll also store your legal first name and an encrypted hash of elements of your ID in our database (like we store a hash of your password which means we don't know your password, but we can figure out when you login whether the password you provided is correct). None of those details will be made public. Then we'll delete the two pictures you uploaded so they can't ever be stolen by a hacker. We're not going to say our security is perfect – no one's security is perfect. But we absolutely won't sell your data and we'll do what we can to make it incredibly difficult for hackers to get access to what little we store on our server.

What sites will S3X Age Verification work on?

The following sites will use S3X Age Verification:

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